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Herb has proudly counseled and represented hundreds of clients, including judges, attorneys, public officials, journalists, scientists, doctors, non-profits and  business entities. A former research attorney for the California Court of Appeal, Herb was certified as an Appellate Law Specialist in 1998.  He has been appellate counsel of record in over 275 state and federal appellate proceedings throughout California. Because of Herb’s expertise and broad experience in appellate law, trial lawyers who practice family law, probate, personal injury, business/real estate litigation and other areas of law reach out to Herb for advice on  protecting their clients' appellate rights and remedies, and he regularly offers continuing education classes on appellate law. He is the author of 85 articles on appellate law and procedure, and hundreds of other articles on music, politics, and the environment, appearing in local and national publications including the Los Angeles Daily Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Herb is a former officer of the Appellate Courts Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and is a former director of the Santa Barbara County Bar Association.  Since 2015, he has served on the Executive Committee of the Appellate Courts Section of the California Lawyers Association (formerly the California State Bar). 

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Over the past five years, Herb has garnered six new published opinions, for a career total of 19 published opinions. The Court of Appeal only publishes those cases that present new and important issues of law, and these cases become binding on all trial courts throughout California. The Court of Appeal publishes less than 10% of all cases it decides.  

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